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Solar Water Heater

Model JXL2

JXL solar water heater not only helps save your energy bill, but also brings elegance to your life.

China has always been the biggest market for solar thermal industry. The solar water heating industry is developing by leaps and bounds in the past 15 years in China. However, almost all companies keep producing the same products as what they do 15 years ago. Customers also have no choice but to buy products of what they can buy 15 years ago.

This should not be the case.

JXL believes customers should have better choice. With the development of consumption upgrade, people buy not only function, but also comfort and elegance. That’s why JXL flat panel solar water heater is developed.

Model JXL2 is another new product developed by JXL design team other than Model JXL1. With a lower cost than Model JXL1, Model JXL2 satisfies those who can’t afford Model JXL1, but keeps a high quality at the same time compared with other similar products in the market.

Besides, JXL is the first company to realize WiFi control of solar water heaters in the industry. JXL’s mobile app enables users to monitor the temperature and control electric heating element anywhere as long as there is WiFi access.


  • Elegant exterior, excellent quality

  • High performance solar thermal panel, no moisture

  • Indirect system makes anti-freezing operation available

  • Pressurized operation makes better bathing experience

  • Easy installation, maintenance free 

  • Solid installation frame

  • WiFi control from anywhere with mobile app

  • Back-up electric heating ensures hot water in rainy days

JXL solar water heater has both direct system and indirect system

Indirect type

Indirect system employs anti-freezing liquid for circulation. There is a jacket wrapped around the solar water heater inner tank. It is specially designed for cold freezing areas.

Direct type

Direct system means water circulates directly from solar panel to water tank. There is no jacket wrapped around the solar water heater inner tank. It can not work normally in freezing areas.

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