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Solar Thermal Collector

JXL solar thermal collectors can be used in both single solar unit and large solar hot water project.

JXL solar thermal collectors are manufactured according to European Quality Standard. Its performance conforms to the quality requirements of Solar Keymark and SRCC.

We employ international leading technologies to guarantee its excellent performance: laser welding technology, complete sheet forming technology, breathing hole, special cornerites, Tinox selective blue coating, ultra thick insulation. All these processes improve its thermal efficiency while also reduce its thermal loss. 

JXL solar thermal collectors can be used in single solar water heating system and large hot water projects. It can be easily integrated with house roof. Its application in hot water project helps reduce your energy bill by a great margin.


  • No moisture condensed in the collector

  • TP2 copper flow channel

  • 40~45mm glass wool insulation

  • Special cornerites protect corners

  • TINOX blue coating

  • PPG tempered glass

  • Complete sheet forming

  • Female threaded connections

See production procedure of JXL solar thermal collector

step one: pressure test
step two: laser welding
step three: pave insulation layer
step four: put absorber plate
step five: install tempered glass
step six: sealing
step seven: install cornerites
step eight: fix cornerites